Aboriginal Capacity Builders helps bridge the gap between the Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Business Sectors.

We facilitate engagement that results in the creation of successful joint ventures benefiting all parties in a fair and equitable manner.

Geoff Greenwell, ACB Senior Consultant, states, "We act on the principle that: 'there is enough' – enough work, enough talent, enough profit and enough for all to share."

As a result we develop projects where all parties benefit from our endeavors. We are self-determining in choosing projects which create value and meaning to all involved.

With successful technical and management backgrounds in engineering, forestry, fisheries, land development, and environmental science, we apply and transfer our experience and knowledge operating and growing a business to our clients.

The services we offer to provide this are:

Capacity Development |  How do you train your people to perform effectively?

Strategic Planning |  Where is your organization now, where do you wish to go and how will you get there?

Communications |  Is your corporate/community message representative of who you are and what you wish to be known as/for?

Corporate Visioning |  Dreaming is fine but how do you turn those dreams into reality?

Marketing |  How do you reach your target market in the most cost-effective manner utilizing the most current technologies and mediums?

Business Planning |  You have what you believe is a good idea but how do you translate that into a plan of action that will attract investment and succeed?

Negotiating & Mediation |  You get what you negotiate in life, not what you deserve!

Facilitation |  Helping steer your group to positive results.

Financial Management/Accounting? |  Do you know how much money you are making? Where it is? And where it is going?

Human Resources

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